Small group training is the "medium-form" and more in-depth facet of my work.


Training engagements go beyond listening and involve full participation. Depending on the group, its size, the amount of time available and especially its interests, my training sessions -- seminars and retreats -- take participants from introduction of concepts to practical, hands-on utilization.

The focus is on maximum learning in the minimum time. Generally built around one (or sometimes more) of my core topics -- Intent, Issues, Process, Alignment and Leadership -- training engagements help participants accelerate and solidify their learning through processes of thinking and doing.

Customized training is available. Are you scheduling a planning retreat and this time you want to get it right? Has your company grown, down-sized or restructured and you want to get everyone into proper alignment? Is a merger or acquisition on your horizon and you want to prepare for a smooth integration? Whatever your group is facing, give me a call and I'll hook you up!

Group composition is flexible. Training engagements are perfect for management teams, office co-workers and organization boards who are all working together in a common venture. Training engagements are also excellent for roundtables, industry groups and professional associations where participants work in different ventures but have common themes.


Training programs are available from a half-day to two days in duration.
Half-day seminars provide sufficient time for in-depth presentation and participation. Drafts of "work product" may also be possible.

Full-day to two-day retreats generally allow time to take presentation and participation well into "work product" development.
Split sessions often make sense. Starting with a half-day seminar to present concepts, then following up later with a full-day retreat is a powerful combination!

“What I personally find so worthwhile is how you’re ready and able to ask the tough questions I would want to ask, but don’t, and how you’re able to stimulate honest interactions that produce desirable learning moments for us all. How you zero in on the often overlooked value of diverse views or ‘off the wall’ opinions, how you ‘cut to the chase’ on the real issues that matter, and how you’re able to involve those who often have too little to say but much to contribute, is truly remarkable.” – W. C., Membership Organization Executive