Classroom teaching is the "linear-form" and most structured style of my work.


My primary course -- "Strategy & Leadership" -- is designed to teach participants a coherent, comprehensive approach to thinking and acting as effective leaders. Much of what I typically teach clients over the course of long-term engagements is focused and structured into this concise program.

The power of the program stems from its sequential presentation of core topics and the integration of numerous universal concepts. This “bricks and mortar” approach is how participants create the strongest possible foundations on which to build their future success. Please contact me for a detailed course description.

Additional courses are under development!


Course content and delivery can be adjusted to fit a range of time-frames.

Courses are typically 20-30 hours in total length. Classes held once or twice a week -- 2-3 hours per class -- over a period of 5-10 weeks provides sufficient time for in-depth presentation and full class participation.

Class size is ideally 20-25 participants. This class size is large enough to have plenty of energy and interaction, but small enough to allow for attention to individuals. The overall useful class size is 10-50 participants.

"Over the years, I've seen you work in just about every teaching situation there is: from high school to graduate school. I'm not sure which surprises me more: how adept you are at tuning your content and delivery to every different circumstance, or how universally people grasp your teachings. What has always impressed me most is how comfortable you are with any class, how you promote and facilitate participation, and how you engage so fully with every student. Your passion for learning is so contagious that you routinely inspire people to make the all-important evolution from pupil to student. I can't think of a more valuable gift from one human being to another!" – R. K., Indoor Air Quality Professional