Most of what I know comes from my life-long study of nature: complex adaptive systems, evolution, optimization, uncertainty, scarcity, niches, robustness, competition and so on.

I've extensively explored the world's latitudes and ecosystems, constantly synthesizing my observations of objective reality, cause and effect, unintended consequences, order and chaos, symbiosis, value chains, etc.

Sharing an understanding of these "laws of nature" -- in ways that are accessible, understandable and actionable -- is the hallmark of my practice.

Much of the rest of what I know comes from many years of working with people: strengths and vulnerabilities, goal seeking and self-destruction, fantasy and delusion, joy and pain, results beyond imagination and epic failures.

Helping people to utilize positive practices -- and avoid negative ones -- for how to think, act and succeed is a cornerstone of my work.

I strictly avoid anything like a "one size fits all" approach to my work with clients. There are always differences in people and their circumstances which make their cases unique. I ardently respect, advocate and defend individuality.

Over the years, however, I have developed a set of core topics that often serve as fundamental building blocks for my clients. I rarely encounter a situation where one or more of them isn't useful in diagnosing and resolving issues.

In addition, my philosophical toolbox is crammed full of various topics, concepts, ideas, analogies, metaphors, charts, diagrams and even cartoons. These are invariably useful for enhancing insight and strengthening understanding.

This "bricks and mortar" approach is the essence of my expertise and how I help my clients create the strongest possible foundations on which to build their success.

"David helps me effectively ask and answer the question, 'What am I failing to think about that can significantly alter my business or life?' Valuable at far more than a general or superficial level, David has amassed so much knowledge about so many subjects over the years that he effectively stays with me as we dive down into details necessary to complete a picture about specific aspects of my business. As that picture develops, David helps me look at it in different ways, challenges my existing points of view and leaves me with enough good ideas and positive energy to go make the future happen. This has included helping me move up through the ranks of a company from database analyst to CEO. It works because David is completely in my corner. If I'm struggling with a concept he is trying to share with me, he finds a way to make it work.  When I tell him he doesn't make sense, he doesn't react as so many 'expert consultants' do with condescension. Instead, David refocuses his delivery, speaking to me as a peer and working to find language that makes sense.  I credit David with helping me work through the most challenging aspects of my career to date, and look forward to whatever challenges lie on the horizon." – E. G., Manufacturing/Marketing Executive