Individual, one-on-one consulting is the "long-form" and core of my work.


Consulting engagements are customized to help you get what you want in life. Although I am most often engaged to help with business-related issues, my work regularly encompasses a much broader range of issues, including career changes, civic involvement, personal pursuits, co-worker conflicts, going to college, retirement transition and even family dynamics. Your focus is my focus!

I do not impose a set "program" on any of my clients. Along the way, we will almost certainly utilize some or all of my core topics -- Intent, Issues, Process, Alignment and Leadership -- but we will just as likely explore and utilize a number of other informative concepts.

I provide my clients with whatever tools they need, whenever they need them. That may sound vague to you right now, but you'll understand it completely as soon as we get started. Look at a few of the testimonials and you'll see what I mean!


Consultation sessions are two hours in length. That's long enough to be highly productive, and short enough that your head won't explode!

Frequency of sessions depends on a number of factors: scope, urgency, availability, etc. We will usually start meeting weekly, then taper down to bi-weekly and monthly as circumstances warrant.

Duration of consulting engagements vary greatly. We may meet for just a few sessions, for a period of months or even for many years. While some issues can be resolved quickly, others that have evolved -- or persisted -- over a long period of time cannot effectively be resolved overnight!

“Mostly I appreciate the intellectual challenge of working one-on-one with you. When the big ideas or initiatives are the end product of a process of critical (sometimes painful) thinking, the results are always more meaningful. With that said, your most valuable gift to me is clarity. When I need a detached observer or have a multi-faceted issue, I can always count on you to assist me in thinking about it with a long-term, strategic view.” – R. N., Manufacturers' Representative

“You have given me not only the clarity to see what needs to be done but the courage to make it happen. More important, you’ve provided an anchor of sanity and friendship when my team – or my imagination – have thrown up barriers to steer me off course. I’ve learned it doesn’t have to be lonely at the top when I have you flying my wing.” – K. S., Graphic Design/Marketing Firm Principal