I feel so honored to be of counsel to people who so highly value who I am and what I do. It is profoundly meaningful and very rewarding for me to witness the peace of mind, self-confidence, satisfaction, enthusiasm, sense of life and results that my clients create for themselves!

Here's what a few of my clients have to say about me:

“I am not sure what David’s title should be: philosopher, coach, CEO counsel, strategist, leadership consultant, or management guru. But, I know what he does. David avoids all of the glib answers and sound bites that usually emit from consultants. Instead, he wields clarity of vision that pierces to the heart of my troubling issues. He consistently engrosses me in challenging, intelligent dialogue that forces me to confront my concerns. My interactions with David have enriched me and enabled me to become confident in my abilities. Through David’s strategy and leadership counsel I have evolved into a better business leader. Above all, I am honored to have David as my friend and confidant.” – B. K., Internet Entrepreneur

When we first met a few years ago, you immediately started asking me questions. These were basic questions, yet often unasked: 'Where do you see yourself in a year or in five years?' 'What is your image of success?' 'What are you doing to get there?' It is hard to sit down and think 'big picture' when you are so busy keeping track of day to day responsibilities. With your guidance, I have been able to focus and answer these questions. Ultimately, it was the method you used of not overlooking my desire to keep my true identity, yet augmenting it with a new professionalism. I had a fear of losing myself in this professionalism, but the reverse has happened. Now, my identity is synonymous with my professionalism. I have to admit that I was resistant at first. How could you know how to be effective in such a non-standard business? But, business is still business. Step by step you showed me that being more intentional and aligning our kennel from top to bottom could be better for everyone: our sponsors, our fans, our community, ourselves and especially our dogs. How did you do that?" – A.Z., Professional Racing Sled Dog Musher

"For 30 years now, you've been my go-to guy for counsel, whatever business I've been in, project I've undertaken, or crazy idea I dream up for myself. No matter how big or complicated it seems to me, you always seem to grasp it right away and help me understand it much better. I have to admit that you sometimes irritate the heck out of me with your relentless pursuit of figuring out what's really going on, but I always benefit greatly from it. For anyone who is thinking about working with you, I have three pieces of advice: Listen carefully and mind what you learn, be ready to have your head explode, and keep plenty of aspirin on hand!" – K. G., Motor Sports Promoter

“We all benefit from having someone we can count on to ask the painfully hard questions, make us tell the truth, make us analyze our choice of words, and hopefully, jolt us awake. I just finished reading Steinbeck’s ‘East of Eden’, and in one sentence about halfway through the book, the entire direction of the story changed. I didn't see it coming but I realized the minute I read it that its impact on the story was monumental. I loved it. I loved it that one well crafted sentence could redirect the lives of all the characters and change the story's destiny. You, like Steinbeck, deliver ideas that can cause a career/business/life to jump off the tracks, make an immediate left turn and do it with so much clarity that any other choice seems to accomplish less than one is capable of achieving. As one of your many disciples, I have benefited greatly from your many ‘out of the blue’ jolts. And I love you for it!” – B. H., Educational Foundation Director

“We have worked together now for the better part of ten years. You were effective and helpful from the very start. Over time, you became indispensable. Since we sold my business and I retired, I have relied on your honest, insightful and straightforward counsel in just about every aspect of my life. You are the only person I know about whom I can -- and often do -- use the words 'genius' and 'hilarious' to describe him! Your contributions to my life have far exceeded the cost. In fact, I have come to believe they are absolutely priceless.” – G. D., Outdoor Products Inventor

"I rely on David for counsel and support on a broad range of business and life issues. Part Yoda, part visionary and part strategist, David has a unique style: wisdom beyond measure, out of this world creative thinking, and the ability to bring clarity and simplicity to complex and puzzling matters. He's insatiably curious and has remarkable instincts. David listens deeply, then responds with surprising and thought-provoking questions. One of the most important things I've learned from our long association is that asking the right questions is essential to getting good answers, and is often more valuable and rewarding. If you're seeking a straightforward, ingenious and laser-like perspective, I highly recommend you engage David. It  may be one of the most life-enriching and valuable decisions you ever make." – J. M., High Priestess of Alchemy