Large group presenting is the "short-form" and most public aspect of my work.


Presenting engagements offer audiences specific pieces of my philosophy. Depending on the nature of the audience, its size and the amount of time available, my presentations -- keynotes, speeches, etc. -- range from brief "here's something new to think about" ideas, to longer introductions of a core topic -- Intent, Issues, Process, Alignment and Leadership.

Customized presentations are also available. If there is something specific your group wants, I can usually customize one of my presentations to suit well. I am also always interested in new topics, and can generally come up with something fresh, interesting, useful and entertaining. It's what I do!


Presentations are available from a half-hour to two hours in duration.
Half-hour to full-hour keynotes and speeches are excellent for business meetings, industry conventions, school assemblies, civic association gatherings and social functions.

One-hour to two-hour presentations are perfect for company meetings, "break-out" sessions, school classes and any group that wants to "dig in" and learn something new in a little more depth.

“I'm writing to celebrate your umpteenth presentation to one of my business roundtables! Is there any end to the stuff you come up with? It's clear from the moment people meet you that you've got a really big brain, but they quickly find out you've got an even bigger heart. I'm delighted to report that you've once again been rated 'outstanding' as a speaker, combining energy, enthusiasm and humor with a knockout punch of quality material. An additional 'plus' for the work you do is in the way you handle questions from the audience. I have consistently seen you model openness and creative listening to any sincere question from those present, and your reply to a question often opens possibilities for the person asking it that they would not have otherwise seen. As a meeting facilitator, there's usually a concern that a presenter will bomb, but with you I can always just sit back and enjoy the show... You rock!" – D. H., Business Roundtable Facilitator